Cassia Fresh Farm

Our Heart

We raise Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. While we love and enjoy our goats all of the time, our favorite time of year is any time babies are being born! Check out "Our Goats" to learn more about these milk-producing mommas!

We love to grow things, make things and cook great food. But more than all of that we LOVE to help people. A portion of each purchase goes toward making someones life better. Whether it is in the form of a meal or something bigger like a fresh water well, we love to pass on the love!

Our Goats

Our Soaps 

Goats, Soap and Country Livin'

We make our soaps in the kitchen (just like Grandma did) using lye, fresh goat milk, creamy white lard, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter. Well, Grandma might not have used anything other than the milk, lard and lye but she would have if she could!