Goats, Soap and Country Livin'

Cassia Fresh Farm

Our girls love to get out in the "other" pastures and explore. Chanel helps us keep an eye on them!

Two of our doelings from early spring are still here with us. We have plans for them to kid late next spring and see what kind of milkers they are. Right now we are focusing on just weaning them! They are truly some escape artists!

Meet the girls...

We raise Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We started out with just a couple decent milk goats a few years ago...from there the herd has grown to 8 nice milk does. Our goal is to raise excellent quality milk does that will also be competitive in the show ring. We are moving forward with that but are still learning all the time! Our bucks are also Registered Nigerian Dwarfs. 

Along with the goats we have a passel of chickens, a couple of dogs, Easy the horse and some cats. 

Feline is the daughter of Cocoa. she is a friendly little goat with not a care in the world.

Storm is quite the goat. She has a very interesting personality...sometimes aggressive and bold while other times sweet and gentle. She is a bully one minute and a buddy the next! Yet, she is one of our favorites!

Britches was one of the first babies that we purchased with the intention of raising more babies and producing milk. We visited her numerous times before bringing her home to our farm. She must have been very attached to her goat family because she didn't stop calling for them until I bought her sister, Storm, and brought her home too!

Cocoa is the matriarch of our goat herd. Cocoa was the first goat we began milking and she has taught us so much. She was as patient with us as we were with her. Cocoa has quite a watchful personality...she is always calculating every move you make. Cocoa is definitely the boss!