Handmade and All Natural

Do you or a loved one have eczema, psoriasis, dry or cracked skin? Our soap may be what you need to find some relief.

Each batch of soap starts with our family recipe of all natural oils, fresh goat milk and moisturizing butters.

Bars are hand-cut then cured for a minimum of six weeks to ensure you have a bar of soap that cleanses and nourishes your skin.


Our Soap Story

For years my husband thought that his hands would just always be stained from greasing machines and working on heavy equipment. Constantly being worked hard and using “store bought” soap left them stained, dry and rough.

Then we started making soap. Quickly after making our first batch we learned that REAL soap can be extremely nourishing AND thoroughly cleansing all at the same time. This stuff is good for the softest newborn baby to the hardest working man…and everyone in between.

Now years later we know many people that don’t have to use lotion nearly as much, babies that have had cradle cap clear up almost overnight, and eczema soothed quickly and skin that can heal.

No chemicals, no dyes, nothing weird. Just good real soap.